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The Alien Designer

My life as a graphics design student.

Hamish Yeates
8 December
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Chose a future in science instead of art way back in high school when made to choose. Getting back into art these days. When not drawing, reading, playing MMRPGs or cycling.

With the discovery of a pretty decent fantasy/sci fi periodical from the UK and the purchase of a graphics tablet, the embers of my painting and drawing personality have been fanned. I enrolled for and was accepted into a Diploma of Commerical Arts which I'm doing part time for the next two years. The plan here is to document my study from intial enrollment to graduation. "Why?" you may say. "Because I can" I respond. Sure there are probably 100's if not 1000's of similar blogs, but that's not stopped anyone else crapping on about thier life.

The plan here is to keep things fairly anonymous and just write about the trials and tribulation of mature age, potentially career changing study.

What do I hope to get out of this? Perhaps actually design some gothic clothing that I'd actually wear and doe not cost the earth. Maybe get my t-shirt art designs onto other people's chests, or wind up doing illustration or design. The world will be more my oyster than at present...