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Partially Study Related

Rather than study over the recent long weekend, I got a$5 server box I bought off ebay silled with drives and setup to run.  After two days of trying to get it to talk with the windows file system I succeeded.

During this time, I also familiarised myself with WordPress.  Currently I have it running on my laptop and my main rig (argh tog etting the mySQL databases to sync.  With the server coming online, the plan is to get my test server running on it.  That way I can do any webpage work on either of my main computers, but have the actual files on my server.

So, why all the computer stuff?  I'd been thinking about updating my club's cycling website to something easily managable by others and I'd also been thinking of transferring this blog to my own website.  Within 2 weeks, this site should be transferred to my own site.  Most of it has been done, but I need to suck in all the pics from their LJ linked locations to my personal site so I can press the delete button here.

Flying Solo

Tonight (well last night really) was a pretty quiet class.  I was the only student in attendance.  Besides some info regarding how to draw some architecture, I was left to my own devices.

Once my laptop decided it would boot up (40mins of waiting and several reboots), I continued working on some bike bling.  Last night I chose to draw a set of brake calipers in Photoshop.  So far so good.  I expect the fidelity will not be as good as illustrator, and I plan on fudging the details a bit more, but at the required A4 print out size, the brake should look good.  I'll post some WIP pics when I next fire up my laptop.

Besdies that, it was quite chilly in the classroom due to the run away aircon in the new building.  My ride home warmed me up soon enough and the rain held off to a few brief sprinkles.


Another student has dropped out . That leaves me and 3 females. The ratio of males to females reminds me of my microbiology classes at uni.

Our current subject is due the first week of April. Supposedly this gives us enough time to get all the work done in class.

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Our last Thursday night class did not go ahead as we had finished everything and submitted our work the week before.  Another competant grade for me.

This meant we had two weeks off and last week I was forced to have off thanks to a durable migraine (curse those things). 

During my break I worked on a retro cycling poster for a local competition that is being run as part of the World Cycling Track Championships (image at the end of this post). I was about 90% happy with my effort, but compared to the entries that have made it onto the host's website, my work looks woeful.  I entered this competetition as I am a pretty passionate cyclist and figured if I could not come up with a half decent entry, there would not be much hope for me as a graphic designer.  Hmm, stick to science?

This term we have a new lecturer and it appears we are working on the same subject both nights - produce an architectual drawing in ink and wash, produce and black and white technical (cut away?) drawing and use the airbrush tool in photoshop to render something shiny, like a car or a piece of bike porn.

Bikefest Chasing Rainbows Poster Competition

Another subject is completed

Last night I submitted my "Finsihed Art Advanced" work.  This made for a short night as I'd closed the book ont his work the previous night at 21:30 hours after a last minute "oh crap!".

I thought I's check the brief to make sure I'd done everything then found out I needed to provide my thumbnails and a ratoonale.  Once that was done, I burnt the files to a CD, made a USB stick copy and relaxed.

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Tonight's class is the last one for the term.  It should be a really short night given we are supposedly not starting a new subject until next term.  This means it will proably be a "collect your results from your last subject" night and then we get to scarper off home.


Thurs night was presentation night. We needed to bring along a PDF of our tutorial as well as files.

I presented last on how to create the following after/before image:

The image could do with some more tweaking, but I'll do that once I run through my tute again from scratch to spruce it up.

Besides having a spelling error ("dodger" instead of "dodge") and trying to flick between PDF and reference images on a Mac, it seems to have gone well.

For my classmates, 2 others provided a handout and ones of those was not structures too well. Fun fun. I think we all would up as "competent". Will find out once the materials I provided on a cd as part of my submission are reviewed.

Course goodness

Last night I received my latest results (for intermediate finished art). Competent. Yay. It would be nice if a grading system was used, but oh well.

In the current wed night class we are working on advanced finished art. My thumbnails were presented to he rest of the class an an example of what they should be doing. 2 weeks left in that one.

Tonight ends our produce electronic design class. Was are tasked with delivering a tutorial on a photoshop workflow developed by us.

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Back at school as of last night. We began a new subject which is the penultimate finished art subject.

We have 3 weeks to whip up a magazine insert that us tied to the 1950's fair materials produced last year.

I have some ideas kicking around in my head and will likely get underway with them this weekend.

5 students in class. By 8 I was the sole survivor.

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Keep Cup Pics

As promised, here are the images of the final marketing materials for the "Keep Cup" brief

Seven more images...Collapse )

Keep your cup

Tonight at the witching hour, our 2D design (intermediate) subject is due. Thanks to that, I spent 90 mins at the desk at home working on it. I had done a bit of work in class this evening, but estimated I still had about 3 hours of work left.

Last night in class I rejigged my DL brochure and JCDeaux street poster. This was just some minor tweaking.

Back at base, I set out the artwork for the point of sale stand and drew the dielines.

The brief said this was supposed to be a single sided illustrator setup, but I did double sided as that was the only way to get the artwork on both the rear front facing panel and the front panel. In reality that is probably a no no as the printing cost would probably increase.

This morning I reprinted my DL and diecut. Tonight (after class) I am cutting, assembling then taking pics for mockups I also need to submit. I'll probably squeeze in 15 mins of cutting in between work and class.

Pics of the work will be posted shortly.

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